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Business Meeting

For Business Owners

You deserve a team in your corner 

Do you see yourself in one of these scenarios?

From launching a business, to growth and exit planning, every owner deserves guidance.


Cartoon Man: Greg

Meet Greg. He wants to grow. Well, he thinks he wants to grow.


Greg’s Greensboro, N.C., based apparel manufacturing company has gotten a little stagnant.

The business is running smoothly and providing a good income to him and his family, but it is no longer growing the way he hoped and expected.


Meet Francine, she is frustrated.


On the outside, Francine has built a flourishing distribution business from the ground up in Fresno, California.

On the inside, she is frazzled and frustrated because she was so busy making sure the business worked every day, she never focused on making sure it ran well.

Cartoon Woman: Francine


Cartoon Man: Sam

Sam’s guitar shop in Seattle has been the envy of the Pacific Northwest since the 1960s.

Everyone from Hendrix to Cobain to Stone Gossard spent time at Sam’s, and over the past 50 years it has become a real music empire. But with his grandchildren getting older, Sam thinks it might be time to retire.


3 Elements of Business Optimization 

Running a business is anything but simple because there are so many moving pieces. Think of your business as a high-performance classic sports car that you’ve worked your whole life to build, maintain and protect. You’ve spent every day searching for the perfect parts and even spent Saturday mornings, when everyone is still sleeping, washing and waxing it.  You’re proud of your car. You take care of your car and someday, you might even think about selling it. Remember, your car needs gas in the engine and cash is the fuel to your business engine, because without it, you can’t move the business forward to grow. But your business is more than just a shiny coat of paint. The engine under the hood drives growth and equity value, and every spark plug and piston needs to work together optimally for your business to reach its full potential.

So how do we optimize?

In working with hundreds of small to mid-sized companies, we have discovered three elements of business optimization to help actualize growth. We have streamlined these into a step-by-step process to evaluate your business objectively and move through the elements in a systematic way.

3 elements of business

Value Capture: Predictable Profits and Cash Flow

Analyze profit drains and discover the actions in your business that enable you to generate more revenue. In this stage, we focus on creating a plan of action to fill in the gaps and make your business easier to run. Sometimes a few small changes can make a huge difference in eliminating the biggest drains on your profits.

Value Creation: Sustainable Growth

With the confidence that comes with predictable profits and cash flow, you are better able to deliver aspirational revenue and value. Here we develop a plan to increase Confidence in the Value Drivers that are critical to creating Sustainable Growth. Simply put, it’s the ability to grow without chaos.

Value Realization: Defendable Equity Value

Predictable profits and cash flow give the foundation for sustainable growth, which then enables you to advance the Equity Value of your business, keep it strong, and fund your family wealth. By being able to demonstrate a process that you have implemented over multiple years to evaluate the business and show how the business has improved will make the value that has been captured and created more defendable.

5 Stages: Idea, Startup, Growth, Expansion, Exit

Next Steps

Step 1 – Discovery Assessment

  • Review of key financial info

  • Determine the 18 key value drivers in your business

Through this initial process, we will identify an estimated value range and the top 3 drivers that if improved, would have the largest impact on the growth and value of your business. This is a complimentary process.

Step 2 – Summary and Proposal

  • In-depth review of the 18 value drivers to substantiate the estimated value of the business

  • In-depth review of financials to validate the estimated and potential value of the business

  • Identify the top projects the business can employ to fill the value gap

  • Ensure tax, legal, investment and asset protection strategies match the expected outcomes. If gaps or opportunities are uncovered, we will make recommendations on updates to be made.

We believe this process can make a meaningful difference for your business. The average value gap that we have identified through this process is $2.7 million. The top three projects/strategies typically will fill in at least 33% of this gap.

Step 3 - Ongoing Consulting & Exit Planning

  • Ongoing consulting fees to help you stay the course

  • Review industry analysis and exit options available for the business

  • Present exit planning model(s) with recommended strategies

  • Support the business owner’s personal planning needs

Our goal is to deliver meaningful value to you and your business.

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